Hardware and Listening

A replacement for the first radio I owned. The Smith's (neighbors across the street) gave me their son's Emerson back around 1965 or so. It got tossed in the early 1970s when it quit working and changing tubes didn't fix the problem; which was the extent of my skill at 16. Found this on EBay a few years back at a good price.

Radio Listening (including station streams)

Clasical KVNO; Omaha, NE [KVNO 90.7 FMAndroid AppStreaming]

I've been listening to Clasical KVNO in Omaha since I got to Offutt AFB in 1985. Now, with the Internet I can go to sleep each night listening using their app. Or at any other time I want to listen to good music.

WFOS Radio "The Time Machine"; Chesapeake, VA [ WFOS 88.7 99.3 FM (Schedule)Media PlayerWFOS Facebook]

Found this from reading an article in the "Hometown" newpaper, The Virginian-Pilot. The parent public broadcasting station, WHRO, was a station I started watching when we were kids in the 1960s. Quite a variety of music in their playlists.

Hearts Of Space [(HOS)Facebook]

I first started listening to HOS back around 1985 just after I got to Offutt AFB. It was a weekly Sunday evening show running on KIOS-FM, Omaha Public Radio. I've had an account for years now, but it looks as if they are still running the program on Sundays. It's hard to state some particular piece of music that I heard first on HOS and then sometimes a decade or more before it was "discovered". Can't say that everything that's played is a favorite but it's still worth listening to because you never know what might be around that next corner.

You can find out if there is a station near you using this search page.

You can get started with a free account, limited use, listening on-line or use their app. Beyond that is a paywall at various rates.

American Cowboy Radio; Guthrie, TX [KJAG 107.7 FMStreaming]

As they write

Our vision is to preserve and promote the Authentic American Cowboy way of life through its music, poetry and stories on air and online in a clean, family friendly format.
The Cowboy Way!

Radio Hardware

Emerson 547a, The first radio I owned back in the mid-1960s. With a wire up to the roof and grounded (not sure where, but out the window) I slowly turned the dial and logged station identifiers and the time. We lived in Norfolk, Virginia and I could listen to WLS (Chicago), the big Top 40 station WOWO (Ft Wayne, IN), and sometimes Tigers games on WJR (Detroit). With the antenna I picked up stations as far west as Salt Lake City, UT. Changed a couple of tubes over the years, but it finally quit. That and I was switching to listening to Rock and Classical on FM pretty much doomed the radio.

A few years ago, after watching EBay for a while, I found this radio for a fairly good price. Right now it works, but I'm not using it until it gets a new power cord and new capacitors.

Emerson 547a chassis (top) Emerson 547a chassis (top) Emerson 547a chassis (botton)