Detroit, Bay City & Alpena
Detroit & Mackinaw
in Northeast Ogemaw County, Michigan
Pictures at Lupton and Maltby



The following photos were scanned by my uncle who lives in Lupton. I'm not sure of
the dates on most, although the tracks were pulled up in the early 1930s.
Some of the photos appear to be washed out. These are as I received them. If you use
an editing tool and play with the brightness and contrast a great deal more detail can
be recovered.

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Detroit Bay City and Alpena No 8 in Lupton
Looking north From what I've learned, this is a postcard
Near Maltby. If the shadows are right
its looking north.
Near Maltby looking towards the southwest
toward Lupton.
Unknown engine pulling D & M cars.
Unknown engine, flat, and caboose.
Pushing a load of logs?
Engine is at the far left.
D & M No. 104 pushing load. Caboose trailing
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D & M No. 104 pushing load. Caboose trailing
Probably D & M, trailing flat car
with a load of men.
D & M with a trailing passenger combine car.
D & M gondola with load of timber
Taking up the tracks
Taking up the tracks