Craftsman 12x18 Metal Lathe
Craftsman 101.07403 Purchased at an estate sale in Abilene, TX in the fall of 2017
Craftsman 12x18 Lathe


This first tool I made was from necessity.
I needed something to get out the pins that hold the compound swivel together. I took a 6 inch long, 5/16 bolt, machined off the threads and head, drilled a 1/4 inch hole at one end, and finally epoxied a small magnet in the end.
Also, by wrapping a shop towel around the magnet end, it works well for picking up swarf!


Change gear parts
Bushing 9-70A
PDF drawing
The bushing is 0.005" shorter than the sleave so that when the bolt is tightened, the bushing can still rotate freely.

Sleave 9-73A
PDF drawing
A small 0.010" deep relief cut is made at the bottom of the sleave so that the bushing sits flat on the base of the sleave.